shipping household goods from usa to india

If you need a sudden move to India from the US, so you have two choices either sell all your belongings or ship your belongings. 

You will find this Article useful if you are looking to ship household items from the US to India or any other country to India. 

Shipping goods is just like a walk in the park or might even feel like jumping off a bridge, just depending on how well you can manage things. Remember, you are halfway done if you have the right information and proper planning!

The US to India migration is concluded because of certain push and pull factors. Push factors are such as lack of services, lack of safety, high crime rate, flooding, poverty, etc. while some of the pull factors for migration could be higher employment, more wealth, better services, good climate, reuniting with family, political stability, safer living, easy living, etc. People choose to migrate because of economic, social, political, or environmental factors.

  • ECONOMICAL– This migration is for work or career-related
  • SOCIAL– This is to stay closer to your family or relatives or for a better quality of life
  • POLITICAL– Migrating because of political persecution or war
  • ENVIRONMENTAL– this is because of natural disasters

These migrations are drawn by love, adventure, work, and everything in between. Moving to a different part of the world is quite difficult as uprooting your already established home and starting a whole new life is not easy. It’s worth it if you keenly take care of the essential tasks.

Ways to Shipping household to India from US:

  1. If you have limited stuff (under 50Kg): If you plan on moving to India with few belongings, you can opt for LCL shipping. LCL stands for less than a container load which allow to ship a couple of boxes or a pallet with ease and at a cheaper cost.
  2. If you are moving into an apartment after moving to India, you will be tempted to ship some large belongings like appliances and furniture as well. To accommodate these, you will need a 20ft container for your shipping.
  3. For those who are looking to settle in a big apartment or a house, you will probably require 40ft container. A 40ft container can easily accommodate large quantities of furniture, car, appliances and more.

As you are moving to India or maybe planning to ship some of your goods to India, let’s explore the country first!

INDIA – a south-Asian country bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the south-west, and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east. India has a population of more than 1.3 billion and is listed as the second-most populous country in the world. This country is also the home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Taj Mahal. It’s also a tapestry to rich culture and traditions. India is an amazing country in itself.


Complications you might feel during the shipment of your goods at the destination country–

  1. Custom checks– The shipment cargo gets randomly chosen for inspection. A relatively small fraction of around 2-10% of the cargo gets inspected. Though the chances for random checks are quite low, you have to be careful and ready for such inspections.
  2. Issues in custom clearance– The custom department of each country targets some specific issues like a particular type of shipment or a specific amount of shipment. A set of complete information should be provided to the freight forwarders for a smoother fright process and less delay.
  3. Delay cost– difficulty in the customs clearance and random checks brings up delay-related charges. Demurrage, detention, and per diem are some of the examples of delay charges.
  4. Documents missing– During the shipment process, the original bill of the cargo is the most important document. Ensure that you have this bill as miss placing it will result in delays.
  5. Duties and taxes missing– A specific set of paperwork is required depending upon the cargo we are shipping. Documents are required by the different ports for the shipment. Some items are not allowed for shipment, while some need special approval. Make sure you have proper paperwork with duties and taxes to ensure a hassle-free shipment.
  6. Cargo damage– Cargo damage is common during the arrival of cargo. Go the extra mile in securing your cargo by proper packing/Stowage. In case of damage, do not forget to file an insurance claim and get your compensation.
  7. Cargo overweight– Most often, the weight of the shipment cargo does not match the weight submitted in the papers. Also, the cargo weight must match the road weight limit and other rules while shipping containers.
  8. Penalties– Your relatives/people who are going to receive this cargo in India have to comply with certain regulations, or this may lead to fines and problems. Know liabilities and submit them on time to avoid hefty fines imposed by US customs.
  9. Containers lost– Containers have been found to go missing now and then. A most common issue with cargo shipments is their chances to go missing.
  10. Holidays– The list of holidays varies from country to country. This may delay your shipment until the port reopens.

If you were searching for how to ship to India from the USA, then here’s your detailed review of the complete process. 

Tips to reduce the cost of moving to India:

Important points to remember while SHIPPING GOODS TO INDIA:

To ship from the USA to India, go through the following steps–

  1. Documentation– Assemble all the documents properly that are required for moving to India.
  2. Packaging– Pack all your belongings securely to avoid any possible damage.
  3. Tracking– Track your cargo with the help of your shipment company. This would help you to expect the day you will receive the goods in India and also make arrangements accordingly.
  4. Reception– The final part of your emigration process is to receive your goods in your destination country.


As far as shipping from the US to India is concerned, the cost is the primary factor involved. What you ship and how you ship determines the cost of shipping your belongings. 

LCL and FCL are two shipment solutions currently availing. LCL is less than the container load. In LCL the shipment cost is divided amongst individuals about smaller shipments. The smaller multiple shipments are clubbed in a single container and then shipped. On the other hand, FCL i.e. full container load is where a complete container is given to you for your shipment. A container is exclusively yours to transport all your fragile items. It’s not always necessary to fill up the container for shipment. The number of items to be transported is solely your choice. FCL is most appropriate if you have needed an entire container or for the security of your goods.

Boxes/Container– The total cost of your shipment to India from the US also depends on your shipping pattern. LCL is a cheaper choice especially when you choose to ship only a couple of boxes or pallet.

Apartments– you might need some larger belongings like furniture, appliances etc. if you are planning to move to an apartment in India. For shipping such belongings, you will need a 20ft container. This would enhance the cost price of your shipping.

40 ft. container– If you are planning to permanently reside in the new country, you might as well need a 40ft container. This is for easy accommodation of furniture, car, appliances and other large quantity goods.


Documentation– A shipping packing list that is to clear customs in India along with other possible documentation is required. Ensure proper documentation when moving overseas to effectively reduce the shipping charges. It’s also important to fill out accurate information to avoid quarantine of shipment at the port.

Packing your belongings for international moving– People have a hard time deciding how to pack their belongings and household goods for an international move. If you ship to India from the USA by sea then you need to package it very securely. Go with a smooth option and also prefer highly secured packaging for safe relocation.

Prohibited items that are not allowed to ship from USA to India– there are lists of an item which are strictly denied for shipment and hence cannot be shipped in containers such as alcoholic beverages, hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, fire extinguishers, jewellery etc. These items cannot be sent in a moving container according to the directorate general of foreign trade of India.

Taxes– India and the United States share a double tax avoidance agreement (DTAA). This is highly beneficial for you as it saves the residents from paying double taxes.


Documents required – Passport, Visa, transfer of residence, Indian customs declaration form, Airway bill, Power of attorney, insurance policy, Items descriptive inventory in English and duty exemption certificates from the Indian government.


  1. What are the customs regulations of India for shipping?

The rules of custom regulations are –

  • To sign a declaration of contents, the customer must be present in India for custom clearance.
  • All shipments are keenly inspected.
  • The shipments must be shipped within 15 days of the customer’s arrival in case of air shipments and 30 days in case of sea shipments.
  • All your household items and personal goods are duty-free for Indians transferring to India.
  1. What are the motor vehicle regulations during shipment?

Migration of the only vehicle is prohibited with certain rules and regulations like –

  • The car was owned more than a year ago
  • Before arriving in India the payment must be done priorly
  • The car must be right-hand drive and according to Euro III norms
  • The car or motorcycle or any other vehicle must be shipped within six months of the arrival of the owner
  • The speedometer must be fully functional
  • A bank bond is required for not allowing the owner to sell the car for a particular period
  1. What is the tax or duty rate percentage on items?

This percentage is according to the type of item shipped.

  • Freely ship household goods from the USA to India as it is duty-free. Household goods that are owned for more than a year ago are duty-free
  • A 50% charge on all new articles
  • 25% dutiable at items such as TV, washing machine, music system, ac etc.
  • A duty of 62% is charged on items that exceed the per-piece price limit or if the total items are above the cost of Rs 1, 5,000.


There will be plenty things to consider and prepare for before you move across to India from United States. Your chief worry for the move might be the logistics. A top notch shipping services for your household goods is provided by the international sea and air shipping. Trust the organization because they are going to make your move as seamless as possible.


What if you some entique or belongings you want to do shipment and afraid of shipping charges, then you dont have to be. In this Article we are covering full details about shipping households including 1 bedroom to 3-4 bedroom belongings.

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